Psst, down here...

In the vast and starlit vaults of the cosmos, there lay the tranquil and silvery realm of the moon, where dwelt the moon stones, beings of old, each inscribed with a spirit as ancient as the stars themselves. Cast from their lunar abode by the great and dire impact of the Ursis asteroid, these stones, enwreathed in the ethereal light of their lost home, were flung far and wide across the heavens. Some descended to the realms of Blockchain, finding solace in its varied opcodes and unspent transaction outputs. Bereft of their celestial haven, these wanderers of the skies harbored a deep yearning, a longing for the familiar embrace of their moonlit sanctuary, now but a distant memory amidst the stars.

In the meantime, in the world of Degens, there arose a fellowship, united not by blood or bond, but by a shared vision kindled in the heart of the digital epoch — the followers of Dogecoin. This fellowship, diverse and hearty, was bound by a camaraderie that echoed the mirth of maxis, the loyalty of hodlers, and the wisdom of whales. They beheld the moon stones, these Lost Moonboys, as kindred spirits, lost yet undaunted, mirroring their own quest for a future bright with promise. In the moon stones, the guardians of Dogecoin found a cause for hope and perseverance, a testament to the enduring spirit of those who dare to dream. Together, they stood, stewards of these celestial wanderers, their eyes cast skyward, hearts beating as one, awaiting the day when their beloved Dogecoin would soar to the moon, and their castaway companions would be at home once more.

42.0 Doginals immutably inscribed on the Dogecoin blockchain.
Adopt a Lost Moonboy for only 420 Doge. Sold out in under 30 minutes!
Each wallet that adopts a Lost Moonboy will receive an airdrop of 4200 DPLP and 4200 MBOY DRC-20 tokens!
Launched on DPLaunch on 27 December 2023, 4:20p UTC / 11:20a EST. <<MINT PAGE LINK>>

Our eminent scientists have carefully analyzed these lunar artifacts and have provided extensive classifications for reference:

NAME: ID numbers are just so impersonal.
NANOPARTICULATES: Some of these guys are naturally more attractive.
PETROLOGY: Yep, they're rocks.
COSMIC RAY EXPOSURE: A little goes a long way...
INTEGRITY: Umm, someone may have accidently dropped a couple. Sorry?
SHIBOMETRIC MASS: Equivalent weight measured in adult Shiba Inus (dry).
ORIGIN: The lunar landscape is vast and diverse.

As a famous innovator once said, "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

But we got a token... because what's a meme project without a token? MBOY is a DRC-20 token with a distribution of 420,420. First hodlers will receive an initial allotment of 4200 MBOY after initial sale.

Created by Doginals enthusiasts who know $Doge will flip all chains and be first to the moon. (Not financial advice... no, more like fantastical aspirations, but hey, DYOR amirite?)

The Lost Moonboys appreciates the support of partners such as:
DP Launch by Doginals Pandas
Elon Musk (umm, pending...)

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